How We Price Our Business Services

Starting in 2024 we introduced the four packages listed below.  Each package is designed for a specific type of tax profile.  In each package we offer three different support levels which provide successively more support and features.  Take a look at each and see which package is most appropriate for your situation.  Once you have narrowed down the package, take a moment to review the differences between the services in the package and how each interacts with the three different support levels.  For a video explaining how these packages work click here.

No package for your business?

No package for your business?

If none of our standard packages align with the unique requirements of your business, rest assured, we have the flexibility to assist. Our experience extends to a diverse range of businesses that may not neatly fit into predefined packages. In such cases, we take pride in crafting tailor-made service agreements to cater specifically to our clients' needs. Feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to schedule a discussion at your convenience. This will allow us to delve into the details of your requirements and design a bespoke agreement that perfectly aligns with your distinct needs. 

For each of the above plans we have included the following features:

  • Top quality tax preparation service.
  • Year-round support availability.
  • Free cancelation at any time.
  • Upward and downward movement between tiers at any time.
  • Access to our valuable monthly newsletter.
  • Access to a secure online client portal.

Please note:  While each plan establishes guide rails that we want to follow, we know that everyone is a little different.  If your needs don't quite fit into any one plan let us know and we'll do what we can to accommodate. 

Important notes: 

  • Income tax return pricing reflects only standard Forms 1120, 1120-S and 1065 returns.  Returns reporting special allocations, complex exchanges, Section 1031 exchanges, change of accounting methods, consolidated reporting, liquidation events, more than two rental properties, items of income or loss passed through a Sch. K-1, foreign disclosures, complex election statements or related calculations, business restructurings or other non-standard reporting events are subject to appropriate pricing adjustments.  
  • Audit defense and support is priced on a per instance basis.  If you are subjected to more than one audit, a separate agreement will be required.
  • In general, no service offering includes pricing for generating information needed for a tax return.  It is the client's responsibility to provide the requested information and it is our responsibility to properly report that information on the returns.
  • Payroll services do not include the payment of benefits, garnishments, or other non-standard tax withholdings.  These other services are not currently available.
  • All bookkeeping services require the use of QuickBooks Online and the included built-in electronic banking features.
  • No bookkeeping services includes comprehensive class, department or job costing as part of the service.  Those types of services can be obtained through a fractional CFO relationship which is priced separately.
  • No bookkeeping services include invoicing, physical cash management, cash or check receipts or check writing.  Those types of services can be obtained through a fractional CFO relationship which is priced separately.
  • All bookkeeping services include a video review of the period results for your review.
  • While we work very hard to ensure that all our clients are well cared for, priority service is only provided at our Partnered service level within each package.  Elite Package members are always granted top priority followed by Standard+ and so on.
  • Services not specifically listed are not included in the pricing and are subject to a separate agreement.
  • All packages are subject to changes in service offerings and pricing with three months prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to qualify or disqualify a client from a particular package or any package.


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